The Bath City Jubilee Waits are the re-establishment of a musical tradition that had existed in Bath for much of the 18th century. The original City Waits were set up by the City corporation to provide music on civic occasions. The Jubilee Waits have been set up in the jubilee year of 2012 with the patronage of the Mayor of Bath to do the same.

Consisting of non-professional musicians who between them have many years experience playing in the ‘English traditional’ genre, the new Waits are dedicated to the idea that such music should be lively, spontaneous, and enjoyable both to play and to listen to.

Click here to listen to a short interview and performance with the Bath City Waits recorded by BBC Radio Bristol at the Assembly Rooms in Sept 2012.

Click here to find an article about the Bath City Waits published by the Living Tradition magazine in February 2014.

Some of the Bath City Jubilee Waits at a reception in the Mayor’s Parlour, January 2014, with Mayor, Cllr Malcolm Lees



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