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We describe our music as loosely ‘traditional English’. This means it includes many tunes going back 200-300 years but also more contemporary ones. And since English music has always drawn good tunes from other places there are some items in our repertoire from other places such as France, Scandinavia as well as other UK countries. The types of tunes are often hornpipes, jigs, reels, waltzes and other dance style tunes. The repertoire is currently defined by what gets played in the fortnightly  ‘Full English’ traditional music sessions at the Packhorse Inn, Southstoke (just outside Bath). For more information please visit the session website here.

You can hear some samples of our music here:

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Captain Lanoe’s and Rogues Marches

Sometimes played ‘quick’ ,sometimes ‘slow’, a pair of 18th century  jigs.

Harper’s Frolick and Bonny Kate

A commonly paired set of tunes, best known from the Harrison and Wall collection from the later part of the 18th century.

Horses’s Brawl and La Mourisque

French tunes, of which the first is noted as ‘Branle au cheval’ in the 17th century collection Orchesographie.

Newcastle and Portsmouth

A pair of popular Playford dane tunes from the 18th century.

Salmon Tails and Winster Gallop

Salmon Tails (up the Water) is an old Northumbrian tune. Winster Gallop was collected by Cecil Sharp in Derbyshire in 1911.

Princess Royal

A traditional Cotswold morris dance dance, played complete with ‘slows’ on the third time through.

Oyster Girl and The Railway

Two very traditional English jigs.

Galopede and The Tannerman

Galopede is an old English tune. The Tannerman is a modern composition from Flos Headford.

Marche des Cabrettaires

Bouncy French march. A Cabrette is some kind of musical instrument.

Michael Turner’s Waltz and Lovely Nancy

Michael Turner's Waltz is (so the legend goes) a tune originally by Mozart which then entered the folk dance repertoire and is now played in the form noted down by one Michael Turner of Sussex. Lovely Nancy was originally a song.

*Bass Dance

A 16th century piece composed by (or from the collection of) Susato.

*Fill Every Glass (song)

Song from John Gay’s ‘Beggars Opera’ of 1728.

*Vilo Primo, a march by Mr Herschel

A tune attributed to William Herschel, a famous 18thC Bath scientist, astronomer and musician.

*Martin Said to his Man (song)

A nonsense song from the 17thC written by Thomas Ravenscroft, later taken up the folk revivalists in the 1970s.

*When That I was and a Little Tiny Boy

Adaptation of a tune from Thomas Arne, famous 18thC composer also responsible for Rule Britannia and God Save the King.

*Mr Turner’s Academy Cotillion

Rousing tune dug out by Waits member Chris Timson from somewhere or other…

**Complete performance (24 minutes) from the Pleasure Garden Festival, July 2017.

Comprising these tunes:
Newcastle/Portsmouth (trad)
Bass Dance (Susato)
Weavers’ March (trad)
Lantern of the West (Gregson)
Tourdion (trad)
The Recovery (trad)
Tom Tolley’s Hornpipe (trad)

Studio tracks were recorded by Chris Timson of Mr Punch’s Studio in Bradford on Avon. Thank you Mr Punch! Notes derive from Nick Barber’s helpful ‘English Choice’ and Wikipedia.

*All tracks marked thus were recorded live at the Bath Folk Festival, August 2013. Thanks to James King the soundman and Chris Timson.
**Track marked thus was recorded live in difficult conditions (rain) at the Pleasure Garden Festival, Lyncombe Court, Bath on July 22 2017. Thanks are due to the technicians.

All tracks hosted on SoundCloud.


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